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The Pilates reformer is undoubtedly the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment, and for good reason. When you first see one, it makes a big impression, and when you use it, it creates an even bigger difference in your body.

The reformer is used to increase length, strength, flexibility, and balance through a range of exercises. 1 The majority of Pilates reformer exercises involve pushing or pulling the carriage or maintaining the carriage stationary while the springs pull on it..

The reformer’s adaptability is one of its best features. Exercises can be performed while laying down, sitting, or standing, pulling the straps, pushing the footbar, perched on the footbar, perched on the shoulder blocks, with extra equipment, upside down, sideways, and in a variety of other ways.

All of Pilates’ benefits, including total strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, are available on the reformer. These factors, in turn, contribute to changes in daily living, such as better posture, smooth and efficient movement, and, for many, pain relief from physical imbalances like back discomfort.

Why we love the reformer:

  • Access a Variety of Muscles
  • Works on Flexibility and Strength
  • Offers Resistance and Variety
  • Challenges Balance and Stability

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