Pilates is a series of low-impact movements that emphasize on postural alignment by predominantly strengthening the abdominal muscles. Regular practise improves the stability of the spine, hips, and buttocks. Strengthening numerous muscles within the body, creating more balance within your body. Pilates focuses on relaxing tense muscles which promotes equal muscle strength and tone.



Yoga promotes harmony by connecting Body, Mind
& Spirit as one. Regular practise increases flexibility
& strength. Improves respiration, energy, & vitality.
Assisting in regulating your metabolism, helping with weight reduction, as well as cardio & circulatory health.

 Yoga is accesses by many professional athletes to improve their athletic performance & to protect them from injury. The beauty of yoga is that you do not only achieve physical well-being, but it also promotes mental wellness and a sense of grounding, allowing harmony to flow.



Functional Fusion has been designed using a combination of numerous elements from different fitness disciplines. Using your body & a variety of small equipment, you will be taken through a series of exercises & movements that will challenge your body’s strength, endurance, & balance. Regular classes will help you to achieve a beautiful, strong body.

Seniors HEALTH

As we get older, health issues can sometimes get in the way training or trying to keep fit. We build routines to accommodate for this and to ensure that we are not over exerting our clients. 

We design the programs specific to each client and make sure that they are not using excessive weight or quick movements – we focus on improving strength and efficiency. We look at each clients daily life and look at what simple changes can be made to make the biggest differences.


Our Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainers are here to help. We will sit down and discuss your goals and ideals and establish a bespoke training and nutrition plan to get you there. For mums to be we’ll be focusing on maintaining a healthy pregnancy and keeping you fit and strong to better prepare you and your body during and after birth.

For new mums we’ll focus on post-baby fat loss, regaining core strength and the pelvic floor, building confidence and establishing ways in which to incorporate a healthy lifestyle whilst caring for your new baby. And if childcare is a problem then we can offer training with your baby with you for no extra charge.


Strength and Conditioning training involves a wide range of exercises developed to build a variety of skills with a focus on mind, mobility, stability, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and performance.

Strength and Conditioning programs are generally developed specifically to improve performance in athletic competition. They also help with injury prevention and develop the proper mechanics within an athletes sports performances.

Personal Training & Bridal Camp

Our qualified Personal Trainers are here to help you achieve your health, & fitness related goals. Not only can we help you get stronger, we can also help you with rehabilitation, postural alignment, mobility issues & joint pain. There are many benefits to working with a Personal Trainer, staying motivated, creating a healthy mind, body, & boosting your overall confidence are only a few. Upon joining, you get booked for an assessment to help your trainer design the perfect program for your needs. Purchasing a block booking packages include exclusive access to our Nutrition App, Meal planner, Progress Tracker, also included workouts & challenges which are all tracked by trainer remotely keeping you accountable every step of the fitness journey.


Our Bridal Camp is geared towards the bride to be, However, her closest friends & family may also join, or ladies who want to take their fitness journey to the next level, all are welcome to join. The program is, 36 sessions, over a 12-week period, 3 session per week, 30 minutes each per week. The classes are designed for 5 people only, plus 2 classes from timetable, so booking is essential.

Class timetable

Monday, 30 August 2021

Seniors Pilates
No Trainer Assigned
Start Time :       4:30 PM
Duration :       55 mins
Location :       722TH Group Studio

Monday, 30 August 2021

Yoga Flow
No Trainer Assigned
Start Time :       5:45 PM
Duration :       55 mins
Location :       722TH Group Studio

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

No Trainer Assigned
Start Time :       9:30 PM
Duration :       55 mins
Location :       722TH Group Studio

Friday, 27 August 2021

No Trainer Assigned
Start Time :       11:45 PM
Duration :       55 mins
Location :       722TH Group Studio