Empowering Women Nurturing
Mind & Body
Through Movement


Lean Up

Become, stronger mentally as well as physically with structure sessions helping to tone up all those giggly bit.
Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga & Functional fusion. Personal session are cater for individual needs

Loose Weight

Extra covid weight weighing you down?helping you target full body , engaging each muscle group helping to torch that fat long after you have left class.

Bridal Camp, Pilates, Conditioning,

Be Flexible

Struggle to get your socks on or even get down to floor let get you more mobile, adding flexibility to whole body giving you that bounce back

Yoga, Pilates


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Yoga promotes harmony by connecting Body, Mind & Spirit as one. Regular practise increases flexibility & strength. Improves respiration, energy, & vitality. Assisting in regulating your metabolism, helping with weight reduction, as well as cardio & circulatory health. Yoga is accesses by many professional athletes to improve their athletic performance & to protect them from injury. The beauty of yoga is that you do not only achieve physical well-being, but it also promotes mental wellness and a sense of grounding, allowing harmony to flow


Pilates is a series of low-impact movements that emphasize on postural alignment
by predominantly strengthening the abdominal muscles. Regular practise improves the stability of the spine, hips, and buttocks. Strengthening numerous muscles
within the body, creating more balance within your body. Pilates focuses on
relaxing tense muscles which promotes equal muscle strength and tone.

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Functional Fusion has been designed using a combination of numerous elements from different fitness disciplines. Using your body & a variety of small equipment, you will be taken through a series of exercises & movements that will challenge your body’s strength, endurance, & balance. Regular classes will help you to achieve a beautiful, strong body.


Monday, 30 August 2021

Seniors Pilates
No Trainer Assigned
Start Time :       4:30 PM
Duration :       55 mins
Location :       722TH Group Studio

Monday, 30 August 2021

Yoga Flow
No Trainer Assigned
Start Time :       5:45 PM
Duration :       55 mins
Location :       722TH Group Studio

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

No Trainer Assigned
Start Time :       9:30 PM
Duration :       55 mins
Location :       722TH Group Studio

Friday, 27 August 2021

No Trainer Assigned
Start Time :       11:45 PM
Duration :       55 mins
Location :       722TH Group Studio


The start of your Journey Yoga Pilates and pilates is near me

We have opened 722 Training House, with the hope we can empower as many females who feel they want to take there fitness journey to the next level. We will provide a safe environment to workout, allowing you to choice from a number of option, Personal Training Pilate pilates near me s Yoga Strength & Conditioning, Pre & Post Natal, Strength, Menopausal and function based session Each class has be designed for the needs of women, the changes we face, as we transition between different stage of our lives and adapt through each milestone. Nurturing Mind & Body Though Movement.

Neck Pain Review

This is a review from Kully Kaur who we have been able to help, when she come in doing a pelvic tilt which was very limited on initial assessment,  2-3 weeks in, I was amazed how much movement we had been able to increase too. We use many skill set from my Personal Training tool box, to Pilates, Yoga and Theraband to help her regain her mobility which was severely inhibited. I had promise her one thing, she would get onto floor and be able to get off without triple thinking about the logistic of it, we are getting there!...